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Waste Free Week Classroom Learning Earth Day, Any Day

Green Toolkit for Schools
Three Easy Ways for Schools to Celebrate Earth Day, Any Time of Year

1. Waste-free Week
A daily guide for a week's worth of activities that teach kids the importance of reducing waste

2. Classroom Learning
Fun and easy classroom activities that get teachers involved in educating kids about what it means to reduce, reuse and recycle.

3. Earth Day, Any Day
More ideas and resources on ways to teach kids throughout the school year about the importance of reducing waste and saving the environment.

Why should schools care about reducing waste?
The average school-aged child generates an estimated 67 pounds of lunchbox waste per year. With on average 25 million children carrying lunch to school daily, that means 3.5 billion pounds of lunchbox garbage is created in America each school year. (Source:

What does it mean to pack a waste-free lunch?
A waste-free lunch is one that has no packaging to throw away when you're done, nothing other than food scraps like apple cores, banana and orange peels, or peach and cherry pits.

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