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Fabkins Customized Designs for Your School or Business

Fabkins offers schools and businesses an easy way to increase spirit, go green and offer a unique product or gift with design customization.

We will take a school logo, create a custom appliqué, and have it put onto Fabkins. You decide how many in a set and how much to sell them for and we’ll do the rest! This is a great way to increase school spirit and add an eco-friendly product option to your spirit wear sale.

    • Use with classroom party packs
    • Sell with your other spirit wear
    • Promote through your Green Team
    • Raise money through sales for other school “green” initiatives!

We will take your design idea or company logo, create a custom appliqué, and have it put onto Fabkins. This is a great option for restaurants, cafes, tableware companies, lunchbox manufacturers, kids’ etiquette or cooking schools – any business that caters to children. Custom Fabkins allow you to extend your product line and/or offer your customers a unique, eco-friendly product.

    • Great for kid-friendly restaurants
    • Fun addition to any tableware or lunchbox product line
    • Perfect product for any etiquette classes or kids cooking schools
    • A unique item for any child-related business.